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Sweetest Perfection.

2013 WGASC Championships.
First place baby!!
Two years in a row.

I loved how we performed our hearts out and we were so happy…then our coach and band director completely ruined our moods and brought us to tears.
We had gotten penalized because we started putting things on the wrong side of the floor.
We were all expecting 4th place, if not less.
Hearing third place and second place made our hearts drop. We couldn’t believe it. We had just won gold. AGAIN.
I’d just like to thank that time-lady that didn’t give us our penalty, You saved us.  

BUUUT ANWAAAYY…I don’t mean to sound cocky but…did I train the best team in the whole world?! ;D
They seriously made my two years of being captain the best. 
We’re going down in history.
-First Guard to ever place Gold in Katella High
-First to place two years in a row.
Beyond happy to call them my team!